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Let's face it: going to the dentist is NOT NICE.  No there's nothing nice about the whir of the drill, the horrible burning smell as your teeth are ground down for fillings and the spitting out of the pink water.

And lets not even talk about the injections.  Oh lets not.

So it's not surprising that some of us put it off - for YEARS (read about how long you actually confessed to putting it off for!).

But yet we want to have nice teeth - strong healthy teeth that are white and straight.  For lots of us getting the perfect teef is all about the whiteness and to be honest we've found that the at home treatments are as good as anything else - and a lot cheaper.


I've tried lots of types of whitening treatments, but when nothing would improve the top teeth I went ahead and had veneers on the top four.  Read our Dentistry & Teeth section for all our er adventures in the dentist chair.

So what do you swear by?  Whitening toothpaste?  At home whitening;  veneers or  zoom whitening?

What's worked for you?

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