Rate it: do you know of a case of Triangle Head? Report it now


Picture the scenario.The horror begins gradually.
If you've got hair that's thick/curly/wavy - this could happen to you.

If you've got layers in your hair and you try and grow them down and or out without getting them trimmed or attended to, you're facing certain disaster.

As the layers grow down the top section of the hair is all one length and weighed down by the ends. The ends are thick and full because of the layers. This leads to an unfortunate triangle effect. Particularly bad on shoulder length hair.


I know it's a terrible affliction and I shouldn't laugh. But there's a woman on our road who's a grumpy old yoke and it gives us great pleasure to see that she suffers from a chronic case of triangle head.

Do you know of anyone with this or similar terrible hair-don't (see what I did there)?

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