Recession-bustin' Blowdrys at Salon Zeba

female hand holding hairdryer

Yesterday we had a comment from a first-timer Zia, a Montreal-er who had lived in Dublin and hopes to move back at some point. But she has a problem with Irish hairdressers - and it's a cost one: " they are all so expensive!," she exclaimed.

She's not wrong, but I was pretty pleased to find this nugget of info out - Salon Zeba, which has two locations, one on South William street and one in Maynooth, is tapping into all things recessionary with its budget blowdry offering.


€20 is the very affordable damage, and to book check out for contact info. What do you reckon -would you like your hairdresser to follow suit? Or perhaps they already have - let us know in the comments.

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