Return of the Crab: Do you Say Yay or Nay?

Yesterday's post on my Dior Five Couleurs palettes opened a bit of a can of worms. Or should I say, a shell of a crab? Any mention, it seems, of peeking inside cosmetic stashes brings impassioned howls for the reinstatement of the crab, a trusty crustacean who, a couple of years ago, was fond of scuttling sideways into and dissecting the contents of your makeup bags for fun and games.

Modeled (er, I'm not quite sure why now) on the kindly Capital One credit card crab, our crab knew his beauty stuff and made short work of the pics and info you lot sent him in for analysis. We sent him off to pasture (sandure?) after a few months, but it seems some of you want him back - and in true style, I think we need to put it to a vote.

If it goes in his favour, then he's back ladies! So make yours count - register your interest below!


[polldaddy poll="3014658"]

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