How to rock a ponytail

Rocking an up style can actually be more challenging than it looks. The only times I have ever managed a wearable bun has been entirely by fluke.

If you are like me and would love to start wearing ponytails, fear not as these style queens have nailed it. And it looks surprising achievable.

Low Pony

Wearing your hair in a low pony really directs the eye to other parts of your outfit that you would like to show off. Paired with a red lip and stunning floral print, Tara has nailed it. One simplistic aspect of each outfit can balance it out. All you need is some hairspray for the flyaways and a hair tie.

Hun Bun

As I said my hun bun can either go from low maintenance style queen to Matilda's Ms.Trunchball in one sweep of the wrist. But with a little patience and practice, a bun can look incredibly stylish and feminine. Again, paired with a bold lip and a bold coloured outfit it can really be the finishing touch to any outfit.Β 


High Ponytail

For some, tying your hair back might mean doing the housework, going to the gym or even just the 'trying to get another day out of my hair' look. But we underestimate the power of a high ponytail with freshly washed hair. Grace pairs it with makeup and a soft lip and it looks stunning. It extenuates the cheekbones and shows off all the aspects of your face that get hidden behind your hair when its down.

Bit of both

A sleek bun or even a standard ponytail can seem daunting for those who like the security of something on their face. This style is perfect for you. If you leave two small bits down at the front you are achieving the stunning upstyle but also keeping that security blanket. Effortless chic.


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