Autumn Hair Trends 2019

Hair trends are ever-changing. They change with each season and with each catwalk it seems.

It can be hard to know where to start - what is in trend and what's not? First and formost we are beautiful the way we are. But there is no harm in having fun with your hair and seeing the popular trends at the moment.

The Autumn/Winter runways have given us a good indication of what the hair trends will be this season. Which include middle and side parts, gentle waves, and sleek locks. Simple ponytails are replacing extravagant up styles and textured hair and semi updos are very much in.

Texture is an element that was front and centre, with natural curls, soft waves, and crimped hair all being prominent.

Red hair

The Autumn/Winter catwalks were full of beautiful red-haired tones. Proving that the colour is having a real comeback.


Platinum has been in trend for quite some time but it is set to be bigger than ever. It's all about bleach and toner! You might need a few bleach kits to achieve this ultra-light shade, but if you can pull it off it is totally worth the effort.

Black Hair

Black hair or at least dark brown hair was celebrated as one of the ultimate Autumn hair trends for 2019. We can understand why - it's warm, striking and set to go well with all of the autumn colours.


Middle Parting

A middle part is as classy as can be. As part of the Autumn hairstyle trends, the centre part is supposed to be in this season, leaving the rest of the hair voluminous.


Soft Waves

Softly waved hair will never go out of style. Ironically as natural and effortless as they look, soft waves require a bit more work. This was the styling choice on a variety of different runways, regardless of the clothing style.


Low Pony

The low pony might just be the most classic of the Autumn hair trends. It's consistently in trend. The secret to an elegant low pony is to hide the hair tie with a twist of a strand of hair.





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