Why you need a flowy skirt in your wardrobe

Having a handful of staple pieces in your wardrobe can quite literally get you through every season and most occasions.

I love up styling pieces for going out or down styling with some trainers for a more casual look.

One piece every woman should have in her wardrobe is a flowy skirt - perfect for every season and so versatile. Can we also mention, incredibly comfortable too!

Here are some easy and adaptable ways to wear a flowy skirt for any event or personality.

Tomboy Chic

My personal favourite flowy skirt look has to be a light knit or an oversized knit over a flowy patterned skirt and white trainers. It is so versatile, stylish and suits just about everyone.

Polished look

You would never think of a buttoned shirt with a flowy skirt, but you will find they can go really well together for that polished ‘business type’ look. Pair with some classic heels and you are looking polished and ready for business.



Some may feel a flowy skirt and nice top is all too boring. If you are looking for more of an edgy look, add a leather jacket and some trainers to your look.



Another one you may not immediately think of, a cropped top. Most maxi skirts are slightly high waisted. Top it off with a flowy crop top and sandals and you are summer-ready.




In between seasons

Sometimes, in between seasons, it can be hard to know what footwear to wear. Especially when it is too cold or wet for sandals, but you are too dressy in heels. A t-shirt and some pointed flats are the perfect answer for spring or autumn in-between weather. If you’re going out, you can top it off with a blazer and you are good to go.

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