The battle continues: underarm laser hair removal, painful round #2 ronnie blasting

You may remember a couple of months ago I wrote about how laser hair removal did nothing for my ronnie - I returned to the old reliable, Jolen creme bleach, within a year. "So much for new fangled technology!" I thought. "Couldn't even get rid of my tache."

The folks at Urbana saw my plight and told me they could change my mind about laser hair removal. I didn't think they could, but I looked in the mirror at the horrible fuzz at my upper lip and thought "oh what the hell, I'll give it another go".

We decided to carry out the procedure on my upper lip and my underarms, so I could compare how the laser worked on different types of hair. Underarm hair is the ideal type for laser hair removal, as it's so thick and coarse. So far, I can clearly see this is working straight away.


I last shaved my underarms one week ago, the night before my second session. Right now, they're smooth as a baby's bum. One week later, and no discernible stubble. I'm impressed! If it's working this well after two sessions, I can only imagine what it'll be like after the full six.

As for my upper lip - I can still feel stubble there, but I'll give it the full six sessions before I allow myself to be truly convinced.


Here are the facts about laser hair removal as I see them from my second crack at the whip:

It's not cheap.
At Urbana, laser hair removal is €40 per session, with some discount deals on offer if you combine one area or more. At an average of six sessions per area, it works out at about €240. Entirely up to you whether being hairless is worth the money.

It's not painless.
This second round of laser hurt a LOT more than my first go at it, probably because the lasers are more powerful. It's supposed to get less painful as the hair gets thinner, but my second session hurt like (to put it bluntly) a bitch. I wriggled and squirmed and my therapist Paula had to keep talking to me throughout to take my mind off the discomfort.

However this had probably a lot to do with the ever annoying Time Of The Month, which provides a host of complications for us ladies including lowering our pain threshold. Thankfully, it only takes about 10 minutes to do - Paula pointed out that if I could sit for 40 minutes getting tattooed, I could sit through 10 minutes of laser.

It's not permanent.
Paula assured me that you definitely need top ups every six months or so if you want to remain completely hairless. Otherwise, you'll start seeing very fine, soft hairs coming back. I think I can handle this, so I'll probably skip the top ups - as long as the thick, coarse, black horrors don't make an appearance again.


I still don't know if I am pro-laser - definitely not for the upper lip anyway. But the difference it's made to my underarms is unbelievable, especially in summer. I'm lazy and often forget to shave and it's nice to know I can wear a t-shirt or vest without being gripped with panic once I realise there's a tiny forest growing under there. Charming, I know.

What do you think? Have you given laser a whirl or are you staying faithful to your trusty razor?

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