Salad hair - the New Year detox alternative to rasher hair?

salad head

I was pondering the whole rasher hair post as I washed my own hair recently. Being vegetarian means rasher hair isn't an issue in my house, though I have been known to tie my hair up into a bun to protect it from a similar problem when frying onions. But it wasn't fried onion hair that had me contemplating the whole issue; it was my spray-in hair detangler.

Packed as it is with apple cider vinegar, the pH Restorative Detangling Toner from Philip B brings to mind nothing so much as a nice tasty salad dressing. Which is not necessarily what I want to be thinking about when I'm in the shower.

Using vinegar as a haircare product is nothing new, of course. Its pH is close to that of hair, so it helps to restore the hair's natural balance after washing, removing build-up and smoothing the cuticle of the hair to add shine and bounce.


In fairness, the lovely eau de vinaigrette fragrance doesn't linger once my hair is dry and the vinegar does seem to have its intended effect, leaving my hair smooth and shiny. So I won't be totally put off by the smell - after all, it smells a lot healthier than a breakfast roll, so it'll be perfect for helping me to stick to those New Year's resolutions!

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