3 new mascaras that need your attention STAT

It's save, spend, splurge time again! We've tried and reviewed three new mascaras to suit your budget

Like most of you, mascara is one of my favourite things. However, mascara isn't a one-fits-all kind of product, so finding a good one is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many to choose from, it can take years of searching to find the one that makes your lashes stand out.

These three new mascaras are different in their own ways and suit various eyelash needs. It's funny how much you start to think about eyelid hairs when you're trying out the black stuff.


maybelline new mascaras

Max Factor Dark Magic Mascara €14.95

This mascara is designed to volumise your lashes in a clump-free way, for maximum impact. What I found with this mascara was that although the wand is latex the shape of it gives a little bit too much product at a time. Usually, I am a huge fan of Max Factor mascaras but for my lash type, which is straight and fine, the mascara was a little on the clumpy side. I also found that the colour was more of a grey tone than a very black tone which makes me question the name. However, if you are someone with a thicker lash with a natural curl in it this could be a winner. Also, I would recommend this one for blond or fair-haired people as black can be a bit too extreme on that skin tone.





smashbox new mascaras

Smashbox Super Fan Mascara €21

I'm a huge fan of this mascara. The wand is nicely tapered in towards the tip which is perfect for getting right into the inner corner, outer corner and the root of the lash line. It's also great for the lower lash line. The mascara doesn't clump or leave black residue under your eye area and washes off easily.


charlotte tilbury new mascaras

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes €29

If you are feeling the need to spoil yourself this month, you will love this mascara. It defines the lashes, gives you length, volume, curl and separation. It reminds me of the original version of the YSL volumise mascara before they changed the formula which I loved. I, for one, feel that it is worth spending the money if you have it for this mascara.


Have you been using the same mascara for years? Or are you always in search for the one?

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