Seavite: loving it


Oh I'm in love, as only a woman can be. As only a womans heart can know.

Oh getting carried away there with the aul Mary Black. But back to business.

You're going to love me for telling you about this range. Seavite have made some of the most most gorgeous products I've tried in a long time. In particular I'm loving the Face Creme - which you can use as both a day and night cream. Trust me it leaves your skin SO soft.


Developed here in Ireland, with love and care for even the most sensitive of skin, this is a natural, seaweed based collection of creams, masques, shower, bath, hair and body products.

Oh and just by the by. You should see the perfect skin of the girls who told me about Seavite and swear by it. Walking advertisements.

Buy Seavite in pharmacies and health shops - or online. Go to the website find out more.

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