Shu Uemura Hair Rituals & Products Now in Ireland

Shu Uemura Hair Rituals & Products Now in Ireland

Happy news! The bauld Shu is now in Ireland - well, the brand-new Art of Hair care and styling line is - and quietly launched at a select few salons a month or so ago.

Head to Hession Hairdressing in Drumcondra, Revive in Milltown or Dylan Bradshaw on Johnsons Place to buy the products and try one of three new Art of Hair ceremonies. Priced from €40-75 (blow dries are priced separately), you get from 25-50 minutes of pampering and tress-treatment, and I'll be telling you a wee bit more about that soon, as I'm due to go and experience one for myself.

What I can comment on with full authority now is the products. This is a premium brand, and prices reflect that - shampoos are €30, conditoners €40, and masques rock up at €50. Are they worth it?


I've been using some of the range for a couple of months and am very impressed. Moisture Velvet shampoo and conditioner for dry hair are now a firm staple, and while nothing seems to fix my horrible fried ends, my hairdresser has been impressed with the condition of the rest of my gruaig recently. Speaking of the fried ends, while care products can't fix 'em, what I've found to be a wonder as disguising them is the Silk Oil Camellia Smoothing Fluid, €27. Great for gloss and shine, it's also working wonders on my split ends, giving me a sleek finish. As a hairspray nut, I'm also pleased to report that the Sheer Lacquer, €24 is excellent. A fine mist as opposed to the drenching deluge you get with other products, it holds well and smells delish. Himself has been road-testing the Shape Paste, €27, and he's noted that it holds without clumping and there's no greasiness either. I'm happy that it's not wrecking pillowcases, so we're both thrilled with that one.

There are a ton of other products in the range for all hair types and issues, and as befitting the brand, packing is sleek, colourful and très stylish. In summary? A big thumbs up all round.

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