The easy ways to start simplifying your makeup

Simplifying makeup doesn't have to be hard. Here are some easy tips to speed up your daily routine.

Simplifying makeup doesn't necessarily have to mean wearing less, it's more about making clever choices. And who can argue with that? Plus, any additional minutes in bed are always welcome in the morning, right? There's nothing quite like being able to hit the ol' snooze button a couple of times.

January is typically when we reassess some of our habits, be it exercise, diet, skincare resolutions or, perhaps timekeeping. With that in mind, today we're looking at some easy ways to speed up your morning routine.

Here's how to simplify makeup, without losing impact.

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Quick smoky eye


We don't always equate the word "quick" with smoky eyes, but they can be. To create a fast version, try using a deep brown gel liner or pencil. Start by working it into the lashes and then gently buffing it up towards the socket line. Set using either normal loose powder or brown eyeshadow for depth. Alternatively, you can dust over some highlighter powder for a soft sheen. Finish with mascara and you've got defined eyes, in half the time.

Lip and cheek combos

This is one of the simplest ways to speed up and simplify makeup. To create a gentle flush on cheeks, apply your lipstick as normal. The using your ring finger, pat your lips and dab the excess product on cheeks. Blusher = sorted. Plus, having the same tone on lips as well as cheeks will give unity to your look.

Bronzer as eye shadow

During the winter months, we often feel a bit pale, which is where bronzer can come in useful. It also works well as a base for eyes too, though. Dust a little over cheeks as normal and then also over eyelids for a quick wash of warm colour. For more impact, use a smaller brush to add more depth to the socket line and lashes. Add lashings of mascara, some tinted lip balm and you're good to go.


Do you like to simplify your makeup in January, too?

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