Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray, Ojon Rare Blends Oil Lead To Greasy, Sweaty Day

See here's the thing. Me and primers have never really gotten on all that well. In theory, there's no reason why we shouldn't, but I always feel that they make my skin icky and tacky. I'm always really conscious of the primer being there and I can't wait to get home and wash it off.

But I was dying to try Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray ($35 - it's been getting rave reviews and because it's silicone free (most primers are loaded with silicone) and is most excitingly a SPRAY primer. So I thought, whey hey, we could be on course for dewy skin here.

Although the name "Skindinavia" does sound like the place someone with a heavy Cork accent might tell you that Vikings came from.


"Our vitamin based primer creates a smooth lightweight canvas for flawless makeup application.  Helps reduce the appearance of large pores and redness while preventing makeup from settling into fine lines" say Skindinavia.

Four sprays felt fresh, my makeup went on well (though I suppose it always "goes on well" now that I come to think of it) and I was happy enough initially.


Out for coffee with friends later on, I could feel my face growing moister by the minute, until it took an effort of will not to dab at my face like a Victorian lady about to fall into a swoon.


"Does my face look weird?  It feels really... damp."  I asked eventually.

"It's a tiny bit shiny, yes" said J tactfully.

A tiny bit shiny?  It felt really tacky and face sweaty - I'm sorry but this primer did nothing for me.  But as I've said, I'm not a good test subject because I've never met ANY primer that I get on with.  If nine out of ten women agree that their makeup  has never looked better then I'm that awkward one who doesn't. And it probably didn't suit me because I have dry skin - if your skin is oily this would probably do the business for you.


Plus when I got home I realised I'd overdone it on something else too.  The constant rain/sun cycle at the moment means that if you're prone to frizz,  hair will be in a constant state of rebellion and mine is ridiculously tempermental. Espying a bottle of Ojon Rare Blend Oil (€34) in the bathroom cabinay, I shook it to mix the oils and applied it liberally to the ends of my hair.  Stepping back for consideration I decided it wasn't enough.  So another shake and double the amount I'd first used went into my hair.

That's better, I thought.

But I hadn't reckoned on the fact that oil spreads.  And spreads.  And how this simple fact had flown out of my head I put down to simple eejitry.  The oil had overtaken the whole of my hair - I looked like I hadn't washed it in a month.  This is good stuff - but apply it sparingly.  Please.


Chalky, tacky face and greasy hair? Not a good look.

Tell me, have you had any problems with primers or do you love 'em?

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