Something for Nothing: What Was Your Last Loyalty Card Freebie?

cos dress

Who loves loyalty cards? If Lorraine's recent post on the good, bad and indifferent ones out there in retail land was anything to go, I know lots of you are fans of the freebies you can rack up by collecting points in the stores you'd be shopping in anyway.

So what's your latest deadly freebie gotten off the back of your Boots, Debenhams, Brown Thomas, Arnotts or *insert name here* loyalty card?

Mine's above - I had €20 on my Brown Thomas Black Card and used it to buy that dress above from Cos. I love Cos. Love it with a burning, burny passion. H&M's big sister, we don't have any standalone stores here but you can find it in concession at BT2 Grafton St and Dundrum in Dublin - I'm not sure about the rest of the country. I love the cut, the fabrics, the quality and generally go bonkers for their stuff. And it's just not that expensive - a step up from Zara really. This was €79.99 so I got it for €59.99 with discount.


Yay! The joy of a discount. How I love it in my life.

So spill: what was your most recent heart-gladdening loyalty card freebie?

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