Did you spot the difference between these shadows?

As you probably know at this stage, we at Beaut do our best to find you more affordable versions of expensive brands. Well, this week have we got a dupe for you.

We were rooting through our beauty boxes and found the closest thing to the well known purple palette by Charlotte Tilbury, The Vintage Vamp, which comes in at €50.


Catrice Cosmetics's 030 Rose Vintouch, which costs a mere €5.40, may not have all the colour options, but the price difference sure makes up for it.


I swatched both to give you an idea of how alike they are. The top line is Charlotte Tilbury and the bottom is Catrice.



Now obviously the quality and pigment in Charlotte Tilbury is a lot better, but the Catrice version isn't bad at all, it just requires a few more layers to get it up to the level of the Tilbury colour payoff.

A good tip is if you use a white, cream or light matte eye pencil as your base, you will get a much longer lasting result and a stronger colour as you are giving the powder product something to stick to. 

Here I just used Benefit High Brow:


With a flat brush, I pressed the shadow on to the white pencil. So, in the picture below, you can clearly see the difference on the colour payoff using the same shadow.



All in all, this week's dupe will save you an astounding €44.60. How could you possibly go wrong with that?

Do you have any low budget products that are similar to high-end ones that you want to share with us? Saving money is our focus this month until pay-day.

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