St Moriz fake tan review: OMG it's AMAZING!

"Oh damn I forgot to do my tan before I went"  I suddenly remembered, looking down at my snow white legs on the first night of holidays (we'd just arrived on a late flight).  "There's no way I'm bringing these to the pool."

"Well do the tan now then" said Himself.

I rooted through the bag of lotions and potions I'd brought with me.  "Oh NO!"  I wailed, brandishing a bottle of St Moriz fake tan mousse.  "I've only got THIS cheap stuff with me"  My mind raced to bathroom cabinets at home stuffed with different - pricier - tans.

"What's wrong with it?" he said.  "Did you get it to try it?  Well you have to try it now don't you?"

So try it I did.  But reader I must tell you that I held out absolutely NO hope for it whatsoever.


I was wrong.

Lashing on body lotion, first I shook the bottle up to make it "mousse" properly and started to apply.  First impressions were good: this tan has a brown guide colour so you can see exactly where you applied it - lessening the risk of leaving swathes of yourself white as a sheet.  It does have a nasty enough chemical smell - but most fake tan stinks anyway so don't let that put you off.

Anyway a night of wines and tapas later and the tan had developed. In the morning I examined it closely.  No streaks!  Colour really good!

I applied it again a couple of days later and the results were just as good and built upon the first application, making the tan deeper.

This is a tan that beats the pants off most of the dearer tans I've tried.  It's easy to apply, it's REALLY cheap and doesn't streak or stink like a stale digestive.


Keep your Xen Tan and your Fake Bake and Flash Bronzer - if you want a cheap tan that works well this is yer only man.

€2.99 from Penneys.  Result.

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