Student Style: John Frieda Frizz Ease Shine Glossing Mist

john frieda frizz ease

Don’t ask me what the deal is with my hair at the minute, but Chantal Biya herself has less volume than I do. With common meteo-follicular law* stating that humid weather creates frizz, I am at an utter loss as to why my hair has suddenly ballooned. It is coarse and fly-away, and I have a permanent little halo of golden fluff sitting atop my head at any given moment.

Before you all lament my lack of knowledge, yes, I do remember that I dyed my hair only a week or two ago, but the frizz predated that, leaping upon me with the first cold snap of September. And, yes, in hindsight I realise the stupidity of adding bleach to the equation. Nevertheless, onward valiantly we struggle!

I don’t use straighteners or hairdryers, so I had to presume that seasonal central heating was the only environmental factor in my hair’s transformation. Considering my forays into the world of deep conditioning had recently furnished me with some great buys, I decided to focus on styling to tame my stray frizz. As I’m always waxing lyrical about John Frieda, I was delighted to see almost the entire range on special offer in Tesco.


Frizz Ease Shine Glossing Mist, €4.12, is a serum finishing spray, which promises to add shine to hair without making it greasy. As a blonde, I have always envied my brunette friends the high sheen their hair boasts, yet I was sceptical of the no-grease promise.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. This product really does deliver shine without leaving an oily residue and it brightened up my hair after I had smoothed it as much as possible with my favourite Frizz Ease serum. A quick spritz over dry curls caught the light and had natural highlights glinting out from the mass. It’s like a topcoat for your hair.

*I may have made this up, based loosely on that episode of Friends where Monica had to braid her barnet in Hawaii. Impressive though, no?

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