Summer Shedding: Have you Succumbed?


Cats do it. Dogs do it. But humans aren't really known for seasonal shedding. Or at least, so I thought. Turns out I was wrong (imagine?) and in fact, in warm weather we're more prone to dropping a few more hairs than we normally would do on a daily basis.

I'm constantly hoovering up dustball style hair piles because my fine hair sheds like crazy anyway, and I haven't noticed any increase, even though this has been a warm summer so far. Some of you lot have noticed some extra, eh, loss, though, and prompted by Aphrodite's post about the HairMax comb, you're spilling the beans.

"I have been moulting all over the place recently," wailed Dobby, with Hockeysticks exclaiming "I have had convos with two friends in the last 24 hours about this very phenomenon!"


So,'fess up ladies: who else is finding that they're trailing bits of hair behind them as they walk this summer season?

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