Sunny Side Up: Kerastase Soleil 2010

Kerastase soleil

Developed to help protect and repair hair from the trauma of overexposure to sun, sea, and chlorine, the Kerastase Soleil range has had a bit of tweaking for its 2010 incarnation. New to the line-up are Aqua Seal, a fluid-cream protectant that you apply to dry hair prior to sun or water exposure, and Lait Richesse, €28.70, a leave-in daily use conditioner.

I've been giving the shampoo (or Bain Apres-Soleil Cheveux Colores, €19, to give it its full French title) and new leave-in conditioner a whirl over the last little while. Unfortunately - or fortunately, maybe! - I actually didn't have too much summer hair damage for them to contend with. While my highlights looked impressively sparkly after use, I thought the shampoo was a little on the heavy side for my fine hair and it left my roots looking a bit limp. I'd definitely use it on holidays, when I'd be washing my hair more frequently anyway.


The leave-in conditioner, meanwhile, is a light milk formulation, and although it left my hair soft and smooth, soft and supple after application, I suspect coarser or more damaged locks would prefer something more intensive.

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