This supermarket shampoo and conditioner changed our hair for good

We've been using this shampoo and conditioner for the past few months, and it's changed our hair in surprising ways.

I have a bad track record with hair products. A few years ago, after getting a treatment when I was in the hair salon, something happened to my hair. Or maybe it was my scalp? Whatever happened, my hair turned into a greaseball for about six months. I'm not lying. Every time I would wash it and dry it, it would look like I hadn't washed or dried it in a week. It felt oily and greasy and like it was covered in product, so I did everything to strip it. I used clarifying shampoos that didn't work. I used baby shampoo that also didn't work. Washing my hair with cider vinegar was next on the menu - didn't work. Then I tried washing up liquid, and it did work, but only for a few days, and it weakened my hair so that it split all the way up to my ears.

Eventually, it got back to normal, seemingly all on its own. I never got to the bottom of what caused it, but I don't think it was the treatment that I had blamed it on for months. The more likely culprit was something that was going on internally. Something that sorted itself out - for now. Still, I have retained my wariness of hair products, particularly anything infused with oil. Trying new hair products fills me with dread in case something triggers another reaction. But, as I think you've guessed, this is a good hair story with a happy ending.

To add to my hair woes, I am going grey at an alarming rate. My hair grows really fast, so I find myself having to get root touchups every four weeks. It's expensive, obviously, so even though I did for a while, I can't be using salon recommended shampoos and conditioners, but I still need something that won't affect the dye. Head and Shoulders, of all brands, released a shampoo and conditioner duo a few months ago. I got two bottles to try, and I've only just finished them.

head and shoulders


Reader, I love them.

The combination not only helped keep my hair colour looking as 'natural' as possible, my hair has been in brilliant condition. It feels strong. It looks thick. I also feels really swishy and soft, two things I dreamed of when I was going through my hair dilemma, and it felt like I was washing my hair with butter.

The Head and Shoulders Supreme Colour Hair Shampoo is only €5.99, the Supreme Colour Hair Conditioner is €6.49, and I recommend them both. They are purse-friendly, and they work. Head and Shoulders has a reliable reputation for a reason.

Have you had any hair dilemmas like I had? Or of another kind? What did you do to fix it?

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