Suprisingly good, actually: Nair Wax Strips


Hoping that the power of positive thought would deliver thoroughly awesome weather for the weekend of Electric Picnic but unprepared to try baby wipes as a shaving aid once on the ground, I undertook a spot of waxing before heading for last Friday afternoon. It was DIY all the way with a packet of Nair Wax Strips … and then a second packet (apparently I’m a hairy sort)… and then ultimately no portion of my freshly waxed self was on display at EP because it was kinda freezing once Friday passed.

While there wasn’t an opportunity to showcase their work, I was pleasantly surprised by how well I got on with the strips themselves. It’s been ages since my last encounter with pre-waxed strips (they were Immac, not Veet, so about a bazillion years ago) and I was expecting the same sticky, messy, easy to overheat and devoid of any hair removal abilities wax that I’d dealt with then.

Happily, these Nair versions were a bit of a different proposition.


They actually work pretty well, for starters, and the wax starts to liquefy fairly slowly as you rub the strips, meaning they’re easier to work with and a damn sight less messy than the old-skool Immac. One strip can be re-used several times over, too, and I found the wax didn’t stick to my skin so removal was – well, not pain-free, but definitely bearable. The usual post-wax redness was very quick to disappear, too.

Now, the marketing blurb on the box sez that Nair Wax Strips will remove even very short hair that’s only been growing for a week. I sez, this is a bit hit and miss. I was definitely able to get rid of most of the 10-day growth on my lower legs using them, but still ran a razor over the pins in the shower as there were more than a few strays missed. Upper legs and underarms fared better, and were left pretty much perfectly smooth. No regrowth yet, apart from the leg hairs that I razored off, so I’m happy out and will definitely use these again.

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