Take It Off Baby, For Me

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Yiz were chattin' in blather about face wipes yesterday. These things are like the scourge of the devil - they seem to mush your makeup round your face, and you'll never convince me that something that gets that grubby is leaving your face cleansed as well as toned and moisturised. I always end up using about twenty of them and I try to restrict that usage to when I'm utterly pissed or when I'm away, and don't really have that much room for all my cosmetic ephemera in my case, what with needing to pack 5 pairs of shoes for a 3 night stay etc.

But all my reservations about them aside, I still keep buying wipes. I think most of us do. We've blogged about them before and Olay Daily Facials Express were the ones I think I liked the most out of a pretty bad lot at the time.

Since then I've bought No7 Quick Thinking wipes a couple of times. Despite the dubious claim that they're a 4 in 1 that'll cleanse, tone, remove eye makeup AND moisturise, these are pretty decent. The packaging is thoughtful too - I shagging hate that peely up / sticky down bit on other wipes that invariably only peels up, leaving you with with a Sahara desert of uselessness after a week or so. These lads come with a proper clicky plastic closure, so you know they're not going to dry out.


Cleansing wise I haven't noticed a huge amount of difference between them and a cheaper brand, but they win points on the fact you will get to the end of the packet and the last wipe will be pretty much as damp as the first. And the claim about eye make up removal? Well, to be fair I'd never write off a cleanser that wasn't the best at taking this stuff off anyway - because I think you do need a specialist product, especially for waterproof mascara. So there's no criticism from me on that front.

And what do the rest of you use? Olay? Simple? Clinique? Boots own brand? Something else new and fancy? Tell us your greats and of course your hates in a comment.

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