The BAFTA TV Red Carpet

On a night where Graham Norton gets declared as the "lovechild between Father Christmas and Louis Walsh, wrapped up in an Easter Egg" (thanking you, John Bishop), it seemed like anything was possible. And, as the red carpet unraveled before us, we found ourselves endlessly, eh, surprised by the outfits on offer. 

When we first saw Corrie's Brook 'Sophie Webster' Vincent take to the red carpet, the initial thought was, "Wow. She looks very demure given previous ensembles. While this Mark Melia dress really looks stunning on her, it better not be indicative of the rest of the guests..." It wasn't.

As it happened, last night's fashion seemed to fall into three brackets - as the title would suggest - the "Demure", the "Daring", the "Barely There" and then "Donna Air."

Also falling under the banner of more sophisticated "Demure" category, we have Laura Whitmore, her mate Gizzie Erskine, Dawn O'Porter, Maisie Williams, Claudia Winkleman (in Chanel.)

Poldark's Heida Reed and Eleanor Tomlinson both looked stunning (the latter's feathered Ralph Lauren number is particularly impressive)

Michelle Keegan arrived in House of Fraser. Everyone keeps banging on about her "embarrassing creases" but unfortunately that's just the nature of the fabric. Perhaps not the best choice in hindsight, but the colour is lovely and it'll probably sell out now regardless.

Big Brother alumni Davina McCall and Emma Willis both tried something with pants.

As for Alex Jones, she got more than a few pulses racing with this red plunging number.

This brings us seamlessly to the more 'Daring' outfits from the night. Denise Van Outen set out her stall when it came to transparent lace coupled with various forms of chiffon. Everyone that followed was a variation on a theme. Observe...


Pixie Lott...

Katie Piper in Kolchagov Barba...

Millie MacIntosh...

The peekaboo ensemble that most folk seem to be giving the thumbs up to is Rochelle Humes' in Zeynep Kartal, and not just because of the rear view. 

Sadly not everyone's cutaway number struck the right chord. For example, Jennifer Metcalfe's sheer Philip Armstrong dress looks like she's had the bottom tugged off it by a hangry toddler. Kudos to the dress for creating the illusion of a levitating skirt, but that's about where the admiration ends.

Then there was Made in Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue...

And, lastly, to the most bizarre light show brought to you by the medium of fabric. Behold Donna Air, also in House of Fraser. Love the fresh make up, but I don't quite get the nude shade avec illuminating purple strips. Fair play to her for trying something different. There is a whimsy about it which reminds me of a Princess Barbie I had back in the 80s, which I loved. 

Hang about, there's also an illuminated bustle. How she sat down on this for hours on end is a mystery. I bet she made for a popular seat neighbour. We'll leave the rest to Danny Dyer's face. 


What was your favourite look from the night?


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