The difference between men & women

Ok so it's not the difference you might be thinking of!

But it IS caused by hormones and means that men and women have fundamentally different skin. Male skin is greasier and more prone to spots, it's also about 25% thicker. On the plus side though, this means that men develop wrinkles approx. 10 years later then women.

This is why it's not the best thing for your skin to just nick your girlfriend's products and hope for the best. You don't need all the moisturising stuff in her products and she won't have the super cleaning facewashes you need for example. There are plenty of good quality mens skincare ranges on the market - all targeted to deal with these problems and sort them out. All packaging comes in reassuring shades of black through to grey, with bold splashes of navy thrown in on occasion.

Clarins Men is usually regarded as one of the best ranges on the market for men. Clinique, Demalogica and Biotherm also do really great ranges for men.


But if you're not feeling up to browsing the skincare counters, then you can always casually throw a couple of products from Nivea for Men into your basket when you're next in the supermarket.

Or even better - shop online! I'll let you know the best sites.

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