The Doctor Brand: Skincare For Spot & Blemish-Prone Skin

doctor brand

I can't count the number of communikays we get from gals drowning in the oil slick on their skins.

But it must be literally five or six!

It's actually really easy to manage normal or dry skin - sure lash a bit of moisturiser on it (or a bit more moisturiser on it) and maybe a bit of serum and something extra at night, and hey, that's generally gonna be about right to manage your face on a daily basis.

Not quite so easy if you're on the oily side of combo or blemish and acne-prone, is it? So I thought anyone in that predicament might like to know about a brand that's new to Ireland. Oh - and shall I also mention that right now that brand has FIFTY PERCENT OFF? Ah I will.


New to our shores is the Doctor Brand, a line of - yep, you guessed it - doctor-formulated skincare products for blemish-prone skin types. Created under the supervision of a specialized panel of doctors, formulas are free of parabens, sulfates and benzoyl peroxide (extremely common in spot-treating products) and are clinically tested. A three week trial of the brand's three-step regimen saw 97% of users experience a reduction in blemishes, as well as softer skin, less redness, fewer noticeable pores and more confidence in the overall appearance of their skin.

That all sounds like good news for those with spot probs - though it's important to note that this is all on paper and the range hasn't yet come under the microscope of scrutiny.  I'd also be of the opinion based on the material I've read that if you're suffering from acne, which is a hormone-led condition, then this may not be for you. For those with teenage or oily, problematical skins or those older girls who have problems with oil control and who get regular breakouts, it could well be worth a punt.

Available at Boots and with that half price offer on the go, it's a good time to see if it'll do the trick, eh? You can bag the three-piece Blemish Relief Kit at 50% off for €25.93, Purifying Cleanser is down to €11.65, Spot Eliminator comes in at €8.95 half price and Oil Free Soothing Lotion costs €12.95 with the discount.

Have any of you tried it yet, and if so, how did you find the brand?

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