The Kate Effect: The Duchess's ASOS Maternity Dress Has Sold Out!

Don't fret,  it's reportedly back in stock next week - which is good news considering it's a lovely (and, most importantly, comfortable) wraparound number for under €50.

Maternity wear - especially items that don't make you look like a tent - are usually really pricy, which is unfortunate considering you're out of them in a matter of weeks.

Retailing at €48, this "wrap skater dress in spot print" with bonus "3/4 length sleeves" sold out pretty much immediately after The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in it at a public event in Brookhill Children's Centre in Woolwich yesterday.

Given she's reportedly due babby number 2 in "mid April", Kate should be settling into her maternity leave shortly. Given this expression familiar to many women who've gone through pregnancy, it can't come quick enough...


We found comfortable, stylish AND (most importantly) affordable maternity wear in New Look. Anyone have any other suggestions? They're always welcomed!

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