Tan Trials '10: Rimmel's Sunshimmer Line-Up

rimmel sunshimmer

I've reached for a tube of Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan Sun Make-Up, €7.92, a time or twenty, when an emergency tanning fix was required for impromptu nights out.

Eh, not to mention nights out that had been months in the planning but that I'd been too disorganised to bronze up for in advance.

There are a rake of other products in the Sunshimmer range, too, like the Instant Tan Maxi Pump, €11.90, which packs a whopping 250ml of either light or medium matte Sunshimmer for serious fans, or the Instant Tan Spray, €11.45 available in Golden for fair skins and Bronze for olive skinned ladies who'd rather spray their way to a glow. All are transfer resistant for up to 24 hours wear, and wash off with soap and water.


If you prefer to brush on your bronze, there are two powder compacts to choose from - I'm liking the big ol' Maxi Bronzer, €9.91, which is ridged and loaded with golden shimmer and reminds me a bit of Lancome Star Bronzer. Sun Love is the shade I'm using and is nice and sheer with nary a hint of orange. For a more intense colour, go with the original Sunshimmer compact, €7.22.

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