The Tangle Teezer is amazeballs, apparently

tangle teezer

My friend Sophie has enviably lush hair. You know how some people have long, mirror shiny hair that always looks just-washed-and-blow-dried-and-brushed?

Well, Sophie has that, and I am very, very jealous.

However, her hair is mega thick and inclined to get so knotty after washing that trying to get even a wide-tooth comb through it is a gritted-teeth, occasionally tear-inducing, ordeal. When her mam asked for stocking filler ideas in the run up to The Christmas, Sophie immediately suggested a Tangle Teezer (€10, at Peter Mark salons).

tangle teezer


You know the implements, I'm sure: plastic bristles in a compact plastic shell that fits in the palm of your hand, they look like something you might consider picking up in the pound shop to groom your cat or dog.

According to Sophie, though, hers has been an absolute lifesaver. Near evangelical in her praise for the Tangle Teezer, she insisted that I write about it and spread the good news of its totes incredible-ness. Apparently, it combs easily through even the toughest tangles like a hot knife slides through a block of Kerrygold, and is helping to keep her hair in tip top nick.

She reckons its one of the very best beauty bits she's got in her arsenal, which I was really surprised about but it's a recommendation not to be sniffed at. This lady is a bonafide beauty buff.

So have any of you tried the Tangle Teezer? What do you make of it?

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