The Warrior: *The* Hottest Body Type For The New Season. Apparently.

300 meets the apprentice

It's impossible to open a magazine at the moment without tripping over an article extolling the virtues of what is, we're told, the most desirable body type of SS11. The Warrior, as it's been dubbed, is basically a sporty womanly physique that's toned without being overly lean or skinny, and Rihanna's a good example of the shape we're supposed to be aspiring to at the minute.

Now, I have a couple of problems with all this Warrior nonsense business. I don't subscribe to the notion that this season's (or next season's, or the following season's) shape of the moment genuinely suits everyone. If you're thinking that it behoves everyone to be fit and healthy, actually, well hop down off your high horse and let me tell you something.

The Warrior isn't just about shifting the extra Christmas pounds born of a diet of Roses and USA biscuits. It's about having the increased muscle mass to make you look all Sporty Spice and really prove that you've been working out.


In addition, it makes me sad that the proper curvy silhouette à la Christina Hendricks didn't stick around for a bit longer on beauty and fashion's fickle radar. And the Warrior sounds like it requires an awful fecking lot of effort; at least you could create the illusion of a '50s pin-up rack with a good bra and a few chicken fillets and cinch yourself in with a big waist belt to cheat an hourglass shape.

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Pass the dumbbells there 'til I get me Amazon on...

(sorry Lynnie, I just had to use that picture, it was too good an opportunity to miss - Kirstie)

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