TheO: Next Great Hair-Raiser?


Created by the person behind the billion-selling GHD, TheO is the newest gizmo from hair-teasers Cloud Nine to hit the hair market and the hype says this doofer is going to change the way we style our hair.

But, um, what is it?

Where the GHD revolutionised the way we straighten hair and spawned a thousand imitators, TheO takes on fuddy duddy heated rollers and sexes them up for the noughties. Big hair is back, and this yokey is perfectly pitched to be your new best bud. Five varying sizes of rollers pop into a pod, which heats them to 130 degrees in four seconds flat. Bash them into your barnet - they heat from the core out so you can handle them safely - and stick another into the pod; the system is designed to deliver super-voluminous locks with a lot less hassle than traditonal heated rollers.


Sound good? Price'll be a concern for some, because at €200, TheO isn't cheap. Packs of rollers (which go up to 60mm for really big bounce) cost between €14 and €18. If you want the system now, you've got to head to Dylan Bradshaw on Dublin's South William Street, who've got it exclusively for four weeks before it rolls out elsewhere.

What do you think though? Does TheO sound like it's worth the investment or will it be just another gimmick?

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