This shampoo is a saviour for an embarrassing dry scalp

It's the time of year for dry everything. Dry skin, dry lips and then the worst and most noticeable one for many - dry scalp.

There's nothing worse than having a flaky dry scalp. It's so difficult to conceal it. When you've just washed your hair and spent ages blow drying it, it's the most frustrating thing to look in the mirror and see little white flakes of skin. It makes you paranoid to wear dark colours in case you end up with flaky skin all over your upper back throughout the day. Unfortunately, it's just one of those issues that is reoccurring. What's worse is that you usually don't see it happening until it's in full swing and adorning your shoulders quite noticeably. There are a few ways to get rid of the flaky skin and to keep the problem at bay throughout the winter months.

dry scalp

There are different causes and levels of dry scalp. It can be mild eczema or psoriasis causing flaky skin in your scalp. However, if it’s not irritating it’s probably just dry skin. If you’re generally prone to dry skin you’ll be more more likely to have a dry scalp, too. Dry skin is can occur for various reasons. It can simply be down to your genetics, or an underlying medical problem. Either way, if you have a dry skin type your skin will produce less oil than other skin types. It will often feel tight or even itchy and uncomfortable after washing with water.


The magic ingredient

If you have either an itchy or dry scalp the best thing you can do is get yourself a shampoo with Urea in it. Urea is a moisturising agent naturally produced in our skin so it really works to soothe and hydrate dry or irritated scalps. Shampoos containing urea is usually geared towards atopic dermatitis so it should be safe to use for almost everyone. Even if you have very sensitive skin, a shampoo with urea should only serve to calm irritation and your skin will most likely tolerate it. You might find that it takes two or three washes to see a difference initially. After that use it once a week to maintain your healthy scalp.

Eucerin has a great range containing urea. Have you come across any scalp saviours you'd like to share?

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