Threading 101 With Shavata at Harvey Nichols, Dundrum


The blog's been down to visit Shavata at Harvey Nichols, Dundrum, before - and when I say the blog I mean me - and she's shaped and coaxed my brows into the kind of non-scary hairy I like. Threading is my preferred brow shaping method by a long shot, so when I was asked would I like to come and meet her on her next trip back over to check on matters at her Dublin counter, I said HELL TO THE YES.

I trotted down yesterday to the new counter (previously it occupied a Harry Potter-esque positioning under the stairs but now it backs onto Wah Nails - much more suitable) and Shavata tended my unruly brows. Now, when I say unruly, I mean it: she had to snip them with a scissors before she got going on the threading part of the experience. In my defence, following a bollocking from a different brow artiste, I had been watching my plucking and general mania for shaping because I was increasingly concerned that I wouldn't have anything left to play with in a few years if I kept on with my over-zealous attentions now.

I've really eased up on the devotion to the tweezer over the past year - there was a time when I'd have a go at my brows daily - and I now let them be most of the time. Thankfully it's worked and as a result Shavata had a lot to work with, which I wanted: I hadn't tweezed or touched them in a couple of weeks knowing I'd be seeing her for a consultation.


Shavata's tools of the trade


A good threader is quick: she'll assess what needs to be done, and do it.  Shavata is an excellent threader - she snipped, threaded and did some tidy-up tweezing in about ten minutes. I was delivered of a set of neat, nice brow twins that I'm not suffering any post-threading depression about.


Please, for the love of all that's good and holy, excuse this picture. It was taken at the end of a particularly long and busy day. But my brows look good, wha?

So, eyebrows tidied, that just left me enough time to quizz Shavata on her top five pieces of advice for the perfect threading experience:

    You might be surprised to know that there are some times better than others to have brows threaded: Shavata advises that the week before and during your period are not optimal - the other two weeks of the month are better
  2. WIMPY
    Low pain threshold? There's a strong temptation (from me) to yell "woman up!" but instead, Shavata suggests you drop a couple of paracetamol before you come in for your treatment - or here's a clever idea, apply some Bonjela to the area pre-arrival to numb it slightly. Smart!
    Don't pluck for 10 days in advance of threading, she warns, especially if you want to have a re-shape. The threader needs something to get a hold of! But as long as there's hair, she says, they can work with it. Good news for the tadpole-browed!
    Believe it: if you've never had a good brow shape it's hard to appreciate how properly transformative it can be. As the hair removes, so can the years.  This is one of the best ways to alter your appearance quickly, cheaply and (relatively!) painlessly.

You'll find the Shavata Brow Studio in the Beauty Hall at Harvey Nichols, Dundrum. Brow Shaping costs €20


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