Tips: How to Use Kerastase Shampoo


People often find that when they switch to using a shampoo from a professional haircare range like Kerastase, they're not that impressed with the results. That's generally down to a bit of an auld misunderstanding of the product, so read on for some tips on getting the most out of that €15 bottle of shampoo you just bought.

Q: My hair needs washing way more often - why?
A: Easy. Unlike cheaper pharmacy or supermarket brands which are packed full of chemicals and degreasers, Kerastase doesn't strip your hair. You shouldn't be aiming for squeaky clean - what shampoo should do is clean dirt out of hair without stripping it of its oils. So yep, you probably will find that you need to wash your hair more often. Just remember, that's a good thing!

Q: Jaysis lads, I'm whoring through this stuff and I can't be buying a new bottle every 2 weeks!
A: You're probably using too much - all you need is a blob roughly the size of a 50 cent piece. Ideally, wash twice, using a blob each time, massaging in well, and thoroughly rinsing between shampoos. If you're achieving a really easy lather you're definitely using too much, and that will also make it harder to wash it out properly, leaving you with limp locks that are weighed down with product. As a guideline, a bottle should last you about 6 weeks.


Q: Where should I wash my hair?
A: Try not to wash it in the shower - the reason being that you won't be able to wash it out from underneath properly. That will cause buildup, making hair harder to style.

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