Fabulous Valentine's Day gifts to celebrate your love of you!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching there should be one thing and one thing only on your mind. Romance Presents!

Whether you are in a relationship or not, it is a day designed to celebrate love. So why not celebrate the love of yourself? We are always told that in order to find love, we should firstly learn to love ourselves.

So for those of us not in relationships this Valentine's Day, why not make a pact? Let's actively prove to ourselves that we love ourselves by indulging in a fabulous present... for ourselves!

For those of you wanting to take this "Love Yourself First" challenge, here are my three favourite gift ideas for this Valentine's Day.


One of my all time favourite jewellery brand. There is just something special about Chupi's gorgeous designs and what better way to spoil yourself then indulging in some of her nature inspired new collection.


Nail Varnish

Whether you are hitting the town with your girlfriends or your partner, CND has the shade for you. This long lasting polish is one of my favourites and I can always rely on it not to chip.

Whether your plan is to dance all night on the town or "wake up like this", Urban Decay has just the thing for you. Their new setting spray line has not one but three long-lasting sprays. So whether you're oily, dry or normal skin typed there is a setting spray for you.


Have you got anything in mind you really want?

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