Tulisa's new hair colour: blonde bombshell or Club Tropicana?

We've all made terrible hair mistakes, but I'm really starting to worry about Tulisa because she (or her stylists) just can't seem to get it right.  She's always had a strange relationship with her hair and the closest she's come to matching her skintone and make-up with her locks was a previous chocolate brown shade with stripey highlights.  The ebony black she sported for a while wasn't absolutely vile either, but still looked too heavy and dark for her cute little head.

But now she's moved on from the Dark Side and gotten herself a dose of Lindsey Lohen blonde which is way too harsh and unnatural for her.

First of all, how the heck did she achieve this colour? I dyed my tips recently and it took three goes with bleach to lift them to even a semi-blonde shade, and my hair was never as black as Tulisa's.  Amazingly, her hair still looks pretty healthy, even at the roots. Is it a head of extensions, or even a wig?  Not at the hairline anyway, so it seems as though this dye job is the real deal?


The problem is, I think, that Tulisa hasn't quite mastered matching her make-up and skin tone to her  hair colour.   Her face is basically blending into her hairline thanks to deeply dark skin and strawberry blonde locks - with hair this blonde, you need to cool down and lighten up your make-up,  as well as applying it with a lighter hand. She's in her early twenties but looks a helluva lot older.

Tulisa can look beautiful, so it's a shame when she cocks up her look and I can only hope she'll adjust to her new hair colour soon. With the right make-up and shade of tan, she could be bombshell hot.

What do you think - am I being too picky, or do you agree?

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