Two brilliant presents that solve common hair dilemmas

These are two great presents to solve a couple of common hair dilemmas that we have probably all experienced after one hair wash or another.

There are a couple of hair dilemmas that have been recently solved for me by two unbelievably simple hair tools. They are both extremely inexpensive. In fact, they are the perfect stocking filler or KK present for any girl with hair this Crimbo.

A cool fluffy hair band

So old school and so damn cute.

Every girl should set up a dressing area at home. It's just so nice getting ready at your dressing table. If you have your dressing table set up this will complete the 'getting ready' mood. Even if you don't, you can wear it while you do your makeup in the bathroom mirror. They are genius little things. They hold your hair back to perfection. What is hair holding back perfection, you might ask? Well, it holds it tight enough to prevent strays from getting stuck in your foundation and it doesn't leave marks in your perfectly straightened hair.


The towel turban

These are the handiest things ever. As a hater of hair washing, this little turban towel thingy certainly added to my bi-weekly hair washing experience. I was really quite excited about it the first few times I used it. No more searching for the right sized towel to wrap your hair in. You know what I mean? You can't use a bath towel. No; if it's too big it falls sideways off your head and is downright uncomfortable. It drags your head to whichever side it's leaning to. A literal pain in the neck. If you grab a hand towel accidentally it simply unravels. It doesn't have the length to hang at the back and stay put on your head. Enter the hair turban - cheap, cheerful and solving hair drying issues worldwide.


Would you love one or both of these handy little hair holders for Christmas?

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