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Firstly the most important thing from an Irish perspective - yes, they ship here. Now, on to business. Lamas Beauty sell a fantastic range of gorgeous sounding products on their website. They are 100% vegan - no animal testing or ingredients. Products are split between several categories - haircare, night radiance, skincare and body and bath.

Hair care products include Chinese Herb Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner, Wheatgrass Deep Cleansing Shampoo in addition to styling and volumizing sprays. Skincare products include a yum sounding Citrus-C Facial Cleanser, and Pro-Vita C Moisturizer SPF 15, a Multi-action Daytime Moisturizer. Night Radiance is devoted to an unusual selection of products designed for night time use - for example, lash masque, which is rich in naturally derived emollients, conditioners and strengtheners and will make even delicate, fine lashes healthy and glossy, as well as your more usual night creams and serums.

Body and Bath contains some scrumptious goodies - a pumpkin spice polish most notably.


Prices aren't too bad - because the vegan cosmetics market is a niche one, that tends to often push prices up. But you generally get what you pay for, and an ethical producer will be more likely to use really good quality raw materials as well. Shampoos start at about $10, the Lash Masque is $19 and skincare starts at $25. You'll pay extra for shipping on top of that. One way to push down the cost of your order is to check out their Beauty Kits section - there are some really good savings on combined products.

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