Very Chanel-a-like Temporary Tats from Art of Love at New Look!

temporary tattoos

If you loved the look of Les Trompe L’oeil de Chanel but just couldn't justify the spend for rub-on skin transfers, whatever their brand, pop into your nearest New Look store. If you're in luck, there you'll find packets of temporary tattoos by a crowd called Art Of Love that are €6.99 apiece and look totally Chanel-arrific.

No intertwined double Cs here (phew!), just three sheets crammed with chain and bead and flower and lace and birdie motifs.


And if you're not within striking distance of a New Look, worry not - I've just spotted that ASOS are stocking them too. At €7.50 plus shipping, though, you do pay a bit extra for the privilege of having them delivered direct to your door!

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