Viviscal works - on ALL your hair! From the hair on your head right down to your... other regions

There's a reason I haven't tried Viviscal for myself.

It's not because it's pricey (€49.99 for one month, six are recommended and you can buy a course of six months for €199.99) - I think that's fine if you're miserable with your hair.  And it's not because I think it doesn't work - because I know it does.

Viviscal is a hair supplement that contains lots of hair nourishing ingredients and has returned solid scientific results in double blind trials.

Normally my inner cynic cuts in instantly at the sound of wonder supplements.  "Snake Oil!" it screeches.  "Homeopathy!" (it hates homeopathy).  But I quietened it down this time because clearly this was none of those things.

Oh it works - of that I'm sure.  I've asked about it a few times and got loads of feedback from people who've tried it, used it and credit it with giving them strong, healthy shiny locks.  Post chemo, post partum hair loss, thinning hair or weak growth for whatever reason - this stuff sounds like it will be your only man.


But I've got tons of hair anyway, it grows like Jack and the Beanstalk, so I didn't have the motivation to try the supplements for myself.  And then I heard something that made me never ever want to try Viviscal.  It doesn't just make the hair on your head grow you see.

Waxperts told me that they know when someone's been taking Viviscal.  It works TOO well you see.

The bush shall we say grows into a lush Amazonian Jungle that can literally blunt scissors.  Ever wanted to plait the hair on your legs?  Forget the razor - sounds like you can swap it for a lawnmower.

Have you tried Viviscal?  And have you the waxing bill to prove it?



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