The very affordable reason why Vogue Williams doesn't get lip fillers

On a few occasions recently, when I've been out with pal Vogue Williams, I've noticed her pulling one particular item from her handbag - a lip pencil.

I was very curious and thinking I might be missing out on something so naturally, I asked her about it. She told me this lip pencil is her secret to fuller looking lips.

Vogue has never had fillers in her lips, and yes she is blessed with big juicy lips naturally but she enhances them even more with the same liner all the time.

It's by Charlotte Tilbury and its called Pillowtalk from the Lip Cheat range. That's exactly what Vogue says it is, a lip cheat. Vogue says she loves Pillowtalk, "because it's the perfect nude. I put it all over my lips because I love the colour so much. It's great to over line your lips with too, you can fake bigger lips, it's the best!"




To overdraw your lips, start at the cupids bow. Draw in the lip line just past the edge but touching your natural lip line at the same time. Next, at the fullest part of your bottom lip, in the centre you do the same, lining the lip slightly past the natural line. This gives the illusion of a fuller pout. You don't have to overdraw the whole lip line. You can use this technique to make your lips more symmetrical by filling them out where needed if they are a little fuller on one side than the other.

It's one of those versatile colours that will go with any pinky/browny/plummy nude lipstick. It smooths over textured lips, it's waterproof, paraben free, lasts six hours and keeps your lipstick in place. Essentially you should carry this with you at all times. Three words: get it now.

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