We Can't Cope with This Hilarious 1955 Hair Styles Video

I should be writing something lofty. I should be writing something that will resonate with generations to come and will justify the money that my parents spent on my education.

But today is the not the day for that article.

No, today is the day where I keep replaying a piece of video from 1955 and falling on the floor in fits of laughter.

This video is amazing for many reasons. While it's ostensibly about women's hairstyles from the 1950s, the real star of this video is not the ladies and their lovely heads of hair, no, it's RayMONDE (please note accentuation).

Raymonde (not plain old Raymond) is the hairdresser and his voice over work is deserving of some type of award. His accent is clipped in that perfect 1950s BBC cadence that makes the word 'yes' sound like 'ears'.

Go on, say it, ears. Welcome to 1955, baby.

hair feat

Raymonde doesn't stop there with his linguistic delights - his clients don't have heads, they have 'hids'.


And my absolute favourite moment of the video is when he introduces the poor misfortunate above with the 'fairly flet shaped hid'. Thank God he was able to fix her up with some Alexander-fringe scaffolding, I was afraid she'd topple over due to the irregularity of said head, I mean, sid hid.


I will admit to loving this hair garland though; how amazing would it look on a boho bride or her bridesmaids?

And I'll admit to loving even more the face of the model as she turns to camera after he's clipped it in. I don't know what flowers are in the hairpiece but I'd say that they are strong ones because she looks fairly spaced out of it and like she's just had a vision of human-sized bees doing the hokey pokey with the antennae on the top of their hids.

pink hair

And if you thought you were all schhhtyle with your pink/green/peach/blue hair, Raymonde beat you to it. 'Twas all the rage in his salon back in 1955. Mind you so was creating moustaches on the back on women's hids so you might want to tread with colour caution.


Eaaaars, women's hair has always been on our minds (and hids, flet or otherwise) since we fashioned the first comb out of some elk bone. Plus ça change...

So tell me, do you love Raymonde as much as I and who's up for making suspicious hair garlands with me?

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