Throwback Thursday: The weird, effective and super cheap way to disguise grey hairs

How to disguise grey hairs without having to fork out a fortune at the hair salon

We've been taking a trip through the Beaut archives to find articles we think need a resurrection. Put today's tips on how to disguise grey hairs in your back pocket to pull out when payday is far away and you're in between colours.

Ever since I turned 18 I have had grey hairs. Not all over, but in my hairline and parting. I actually remember when I first got a few, I panicked so much I dyed my whole hair white - Storm from X-Men white. I figured that if I was going grey, I would beat the universe to it.

However, the universe outsmarted me instead. I only had a few grey hairs, and the upkeep for white hair on a natural brunette with fine hair (but a lot of it) is impossible. I ended up having to cut it short because the bleach was so damaging. Oops!

I learned my lesson the hard way, and once or twice after that too. The irritating fact of having to dye my hair every month or so to keep the greys at bay, though, is real. Since I work weekends and late nights, finding the time to get it done can be a challenge.

So here is a great little beauty hack to get you through those rough days, especially if you have a big event on.

What you will need
  • A flat and firm makeup brush



makeup brush

  • A matte eyeshadow the colour of the roots of your hair (it doesn't have to be an expensive one, the one below is from Dealz).


2.3g Brown Truffle Eyeshadow

  • Hairspray


On dry hair, use the makeup brush to dust the eyeshadow onto your hairline and in your parting or anywhere you see grey hair. Not only will this conceal your grey hairs, but it will also make your hair look a lot fuller and thicker.

Seal it with a  spritz of hairspray to stop the shadow from coming off throughout the day. And, that. Is. It!


Give it a go at home yourself and let me know how you get on.

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