Wella Lifetex Colour Reflex Shampoo

Wella Lifetex Colour Reflex Shampoo

I'm too vain to admit I'm going grey. I am so very in denial about it that I am still tweezing out each and every wiry grey strand as it appears, so not only am I fighting a losing battle, it's also taking me friggin' aaaaages. If I don't stop, I'll be bald, but I'm so obsessed that I've started to love trips to hotels with forensic bathroom lighting, and I've also noticed that lifts are a great place to spot interlopers. If I catch one over an inch long, it means I've obviously never spotted it, and it was there, FOR EVER, FOR ALL TO SEE. The horror!

Yeah yeah, I know. I should cop on, but I'm hangin' on to my youth by the very (painted) fingernails and I'm just refusing to go down the dye route. So what I'm doing instead is  trying out shampoos with a birrava bit of colour in them. I know it doesn't really cover grey hair, but it does shiney up and enhance the gruaig that's still dark brown (sob). At the moment I'm liking Wella Lifetex Colour Reflex Shampoo for brown hair. In the hand, it feels lovely and thick and silky, and it's a really nice sparkly brown too, thanks to illuminating ingredients.


The results? It's properly moisturising, and doesn't necessarily need to be followed with conditioner (heads up: there isn't a matching conditioner, but there is a colour protection rinse and masque). I washed my hair last night, and today it feels thick, easy to manage and is sitting flat - for once. So, the verdict is very definitely a thumbs up. I'll be buying this again, from Wella salons nationwide, for around €11.

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