Do you really need skin boosters in your beauty regime?

Skin boosters are the new beauty buzz product. But do we need them in our routine?

Skin boosters are one of the latest miracle skincare products to hit the market. But between toners, retinol, essences, bubble masks and everything else -  is there actually any room in our beauty routines for something new? From knowing what steps to use products in, to what their purpose really is, it can all become a little baffling after a while. So, we're looking into what skin boosters are, as well as what they do.


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Deciem Hylamide Skin Booster €22

What are they?

Skin boosters, or at least the concept of them, originated on the Korean beauty scene. Skincare, as we know, is a huge part of the K-Beauty world. There are constantly new innovations and improvements to products and routines. Some of the Korean skincare routines can have up to ten or even eleven steps, (try imagining that when you've got three minutes to get out of the door in the morning).


The original idea behind Skin Boosters was to act as a multi-tasking product that prepped skin so it could absorb other skin care more effectively.

How do you use them?

Korean skin booster formulas are lightweight liquids that are easily absorbed into skin without leaving residue. Traditionally, they should be used after cleansing and toning but before any treatment, serum or moisturiser. But, as with a lot of products that become popular in Korea initially, the translation of them when they start hitting the European and American markets was a little different.

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Yonka Defense+ Booster €49.50

In a way, the skin boosters you'll find here have almost become more of a marketing term than anything else. They're often used in place of the word serum to make them sound more exotic. But, there are some products that work in a similar way, such as the Deciem Hyalamide Boosters. These are incredibly lightweight in texture, absorbing quickly into skin to give it a boost of hydration, ease sensitivity or add a healthy glow (depending on which you go for).


Similarly, Yonka's Defense+ booster gives skin an intense injection of anti-oxidants to help it appear more youthful and glowing. The lightweight oil works best when massaged into the skin. It leaves no residue, so skin is perfectly prepped for moisturiser and then makeup.

Are you a fan of skin boosters? Have you tried any yet?

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