What's Been Your Best Bargain Recently?


I'll have to put my hand up here and say that while I'm not really much of a bargain hunter, if I happen to be out shopping and spot a fab discount on something I want or need, then I won't exactly run in the opposite direction, you know what I mean?

If you do happen to have a few quid spare at the moment, it's an ace time to be out shopping. Clothes sales seem to be on 24/7, even beauty's getting discounted and gift times at cosmetic counters are better than ever. And hey, get this: Brown Thomas is doing a fab offer by which they'll add 20% onto gift cards purchased before April 4th 2011. So, you take in your card worth €100, say, and they hand you back one with €120 on it, which you can then spend willy-nilly on 'spensive  bags, shoes or Tom Ford lipsticks.  That's a totally new one on me and it's brilliant for us as consumers - a fifth extra for free? Ok so, I can live with that. Fo sho.

So, tell us in a comment what your best bargain's been recently - and it can be anything!



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