What's A Jade Roller And Exactly How Do I Use One?

Jade rollers have been all over our Instagram feeds lately, but besides looking pretty in pictures what do they do?

What is a jade roller?

Although jade rollers may be a new skincare tool for many us, they have been used in Chinese skincare routines for centuries.

Made from the jade stone, this facial massage tool usually features two different sized rollers.

The larger roller is used for the neck, chin, forehead and cheeks. The smaller roller is used for the under eyes, mouth area and sides of the nose.

What does a jade roller do?

It stimulates lymphatic drainage in the face and neck area.

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues which gets rid of unwanted toxins and waste products. This helps reduce puffiness and inflammation of the skin.


Jade rollers stimulate blood circulation which can brighten your complexion and help your skincare products to absorb more deeply into the skin.

They can also be used for stress relief as they help relieve tension and are a great form of self-care.

Just look at how relaxed this cat looks getting a jade roller massage!

How do I use one?

Jade rollers are actually very easy to use once you know the basic rules:

  1. Use on clean skin, ideally as the last step of your skincare routine.
  2. Start from the neck upwards, as this clears the lymph passageways.
  3.  Cheeks and chin - apply medium pressure and roll in a back and forth motion towards the ears.
  4. Under eyes - apply medium pressure and roll from the inner part of the eyes towards the ears, again in a back and forth motion.
  5. Forehead - apply medium pressure and starting from the middle of the forehead and roll upwards towards your hairline.
  6. Mouth area - apply medium pressure and starting from the middle roll out towards the ear.
  7. Do this around three times for each section of the face.

Have you ever used a jade roller or other facial massage tool?

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