The simple beauty trick that will instantly depuff your face

When you wake up with a swollen face, here's the beauty trick that will depuff it in a few easy steps.

The best compliment anyone can give you is that you look awake. Think of the opposite; when someone says you look tired, it's a less harsh way of saying you're a gargoyle. I get the tired comment a lot. Usually on a Saturday or Sunday when I've had a couple of glasses of wine the night before and I'm not properly rested. The instant giveaway is deep troughs under the eyes, but there are other more subtle but equally as affecting symptoms including a dull, lacklustre pallor and puffiness.

You don't have to be slightly hungover to suffer with puffiness. The most common reason is a lack of sleep - and who gets enough sleep anyway? Other factors that lead to face swelling include hormonal shifts (ah, man!), allergies acting up, a too hot shower, colds, dehydration and too much salt. I know, right? Sigh.

Solutions to the puffy problem are to identify and acknowledge the cause. Try for once and for all to develop a healthy sleep routine. Cut down on alcohol and salty food. Get expert advice on hormonal or allergy issues. And make sure to drink loads of water. But know that there still will be days you wake up looking sluggish and grey. For those days, this simple beauty trick will instantly help you look awake.

Wakeup call


Over Christmas, when practically everyone was going around with bags under their eyes, puffy of face and dull of skin, you might have consulted Beaut for 'how to look awake beauty tips.' And here they are. To target general daily puffiness, though, this is the trick we've recently learned that has made a genuine difference. It involves the cold, a couple of products and your jade roller. I told you they weren't a gimmick!

Keep everything you need to depuff your face in the fridge - your products and your roller. The cold brings swelling down by reducing blood flow. I use a hydrating eye cream and a brightening serum and I apply with my fingers. Then I use my ice cold jade roller to massage all that goodness into my skin and get the blood flowing in the good way. I seal with hydrating moisturiser.

You need a bit of time to depuff this way, but it works. If you have a whole morning's worth of time, I would add a brightening face mask to the mix, and massage in the excess juice with the icy roller. Do all of this while watching an episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and your day is set.

Do you have any tips picked up along your beauty journey that you'd like to share with the class?

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