When Blonde Goes Bad

daddyoIt must be hair Sunday at beaut.ie!

Perhaps I'm showing my age here, but I well remember an episode of Diff'rent strokes where Kimberly washes her hair in rainwater, only for her blonde locks to turn a scary green shade because the water was actually acid rain. Yikes! That's not the only thing that can turn blonde hair off-colour though - chlorine and even hard water can have an adverse effect on blondes. Aieee! What to do?


Our fragrant friends Lush are on the case. Their Daddyo shampoo contains lemon to restore colour and add shine, as well as organic coconut oil for strength and seaweedey minerals condition your gruaig. It's a lovely purply colour and it smells of violets. It's not just for blondes though - if you've grey hair and are finding it's yellowing, slap a dose of this on to restore it. You'll get Daddyo for about eight quid for 100ml in Lush stores.

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