When NOT to wax: tips for a less painful experience


Oh yes: it's that time of the year when hairy shins can no longer be hidden under a layer of denim or black opaques.  Chances are you're going to have to bare the lot sooner rather than later - and if you're bikini bound you might have to start girding your loins for that supreme torture known as the bikini wax.

Normally we're deluged with communikays urging us to wax at this time of year: that why this one from an American self titled "quadruple threat"*  waxer was enough to strike the fear of god into me.

  • Don't knock back a glass of wine or a strong coffee to steel your nerves beforehand - although they might do wonders for your state of mind, both contain chemicals which actually make the body more sensitive to pain.
  • Painkillers are okay though - knock back a couple of paracetamol beforehand if you're scared
  • Don't numb with ice or anything that makes the skin cold - this closes the pores and makes it even more painful
  • Diabetes, varicose veins and poor circulation mean that waxing is not for you
  • Acne medication or other types of treatments that thin the skin as a side effect mean that you shouldn't wax until you've stopped use of the meds
  • Don't go near sunburned or irritated skin or any moles or warts
  • Don't even go in the door if the salon double dips.  Would you like your upper lip waxed from the same pot that another woman had her er vajazzle stripped bare from?

Got any more tips for us?

*no I don't know what the hell she was on about either

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